Liberal Art 38: Journey Begins

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Liberal Art 38: Journey Begins

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With a real void of interesting takes, the most entropic take I heard was this one from a colleague in the LGBT community about the pride parade in June -- being utterly convinced that "pride" is a force of nature that will find a way. The idea of a left-originated anti-quarantine movement is more interesting than the typical urban-rural split. Lumping this into Danny's character, who was a sort of perfect fit for this backstory given the accidental resemblance to Velma from Scooby Doo, also does a lot to make this fourth member of the party develop a really complex characterization.

I was worried that the quarantine would be over before could get the light warriors assembled and use this Final Fantasy I splash screen I'd been noodling with. Fortunately for this epic quest storyline, the real world panic will never subside and I'll be able to keep milking this premise that took forever to assemble.