Liberal Art 31: College Bribery Scandal

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Liberal Art 31: College Bribery Scandal

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It looks like Mr. Sanders will not be in this race too much longer. At risk of kicking him while he's down, we had to get our jabs out while he remains relevant.

It's not clear to me how Mr. Yang was able to offer voters $1K without it being simply bribery. Same with offering to repay college loans. I suppose all politics is bribery of a sort, but offering to repay college loans is cynically transparent attempt to court the youth vote. As a form of social welfare, it's also surprisingly regressive for Mr. Sanders, as such a policy is disproportionately likely to benefit the top 1%. That said, it's a shame he won't make it to the general election, as it would be a rare treat to be able to vote for a seemingly good person. Then again, this is aging well.