Rachel Maddow was Right!

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Rachel Maddow was Right!

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The Russkies are coming! The Russkies are coming!

It would seem that Putin has correctly deduced that the crossroads of the 2020 election will be none other than our esteemed Liberal Art forum! Over the past week he has unleashed his sinister plan to unleash a wave of bots traveling through communist IP addresses to flood our otherwise pristine forum with advertisements for badly misspelled pharmaceuticals. No doubt he has deduced that hooking us on illicit substances will overwhelm our faculties, causing us to cast our ballots for Marianne Williamson and putting American under Communist control.

He has already scored a key victory in watering down our American free speech rights. In order to combat the flood of bots I've had to tighten moderator controls on our forum. This is a major blow the First Amendment. All along we've strived to create this forum a as a symbol to freedom. Like the "Daily Jolt" of yore, we've hoped that this forum could be like a shining city upon a hill, where students could anonymously note their classmate has "English Teeth" or opine on the scatological habits of mole persons.

Therefore we are adjusting our anti-spam settings to try to achieve this fine balance, allowing only users who are well educated in the Liberal Arts to post anonymously. We hope to adjust these measures to be as loose as possible, so please tell us if have found the right level of jurisprudence between free speech and keeping your virginal minds free of Putin's toxic influence.