Liberal Art 1: Orientation

Discussion about the various examples of liberal art.
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Liberal Art 1: Orientation

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Finally, the very first adventure in our "Liberal Art" series. We aspire to commemorate the most daring adventures of students at Liberal Arts schools in 8 glorious bits. So please, share your favorite stories around this forum or by emailing us directly at

Like all graduates of liberal arts schools know, we are well trained in the fine art of destroying something simple and beautiful with an unnecessary amount of exposition and over-analysis. In this spirit, we launched this forum so every joke could be deconstructed to the point of humorlessness. More importantly, we don't plan to shy away from controversial topics that can't be done full justice with just a few panels, so we do hope this forum can be a useful place for constructive dialogue on some of the tougher issues facing our world.

Until we routinely get user submitted stories, the Liberal Art team has a handful of stories from our experience at liberal arts schools to keep the lights on for a while. However, you may quickly grow tired of variants on this same punchline about the unemployability of liberal arts graduates. Fortunately, I will always find this funny, so I will gladly keep reheating this joke until you submit better stories of your own. Consider yourselves warned.


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Hey, most liberal arts schools have science programs too! They're just not very good. :lol:

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