Liberal Art 27: Really Gross

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Liberal Art 27: Really Gross

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This one was inspired by Mitch Hedburg, who died 15 years ago this March. Of course, he died before the #metoo movement, and there's no evidence he was actually a perpetrator of any such behavior.

Nonetheless, he was memorably on many drugs when I saw him perform back in the day. I laughed, but others wondered why we were laughing at a crackhead instead of seeking professional help. As it turns out, they were correct to feel this way.

It was very difficult to find an angle for this tragic story that was funny, hopefully pairing it with the hard feelings generated by a fictional #metoo scandal was the knockout punch we need.

For this week's 8-bit cameo, we needed a character in the audience, and therefore a video game character who is mostly viewed from behind. Of course, it had to be Little Mac from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. (Last week attending sensitivity training was, of course, Conker of the bad fur day).